Serra Padres 2020 QB situation


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Nov 21, 2019
Did anyone answer the original question? Dominique Lampkin has two years left. Trace LaMar will be a senior in 2020 and quarterbacked the JV team last year. A kid named Atkins quarterbacked the freshman team -- his brother was a receiver on the state title team, I think. I have seen both on livestream and they are athletic. I have read about two kids heading for Serra who are supposedly ASU commits. Not sure how that works, but I think one will be a freshman in 2020 and the other in 2021. Both seem to be running back/defender types. One of them has the last name of Bey and I don't know if he is the younger brother of former Mitty QB Shamir Bey. Serra has been strong in the so-called skill positions for a while. Padres had some huge JV linemen in 2019, if not a lot of depth there. There were also some big linemen on the varsity who were backups and had no name on the backs of their jerseys in the postseason ... not sure what their story was. Gotta think they would have been on the field if seniors weren't so stout. .

Will the extra time - Spring start due to covid-19 - give LaMar and Atkins time to prepare behind Lampkin?

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